Foods you should avoid if have high blood pressure

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High blood pressure ( hypertension ) is the amount of force exerted against the walls of the arteries as blood flows through them. Anyone whose blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or more for a sustained period is said to have high blood pressure, or hypertension.

Very much like a dam blocking the proper flow of a river, eating the wrong things can result in impeded blood flow and give you high blood pressure. Before you spend time searching for “superfoods” and all the nutrients that will bring you to the next level of healthiness, you need to find all the foods that are having adverse effects on your blood pressure and eliminate them.

The best course you can take is to completely eliminate these from your household. People don’t say “out of sight, out of mind” for no reason. If you can get your family or friends to get on board with this aspect of your diet, it will be much easier to change your diet in a drastic but lasting way.

This is going to sound overly simple, but the general rule to go by when eliminating foods is to qualify them by what they taste like. Anything that you think of as salty or that leaves that salty aftertaste in your mouth should probably be the first thing to go. Consuming salt puts extra sodium in your bloodstream, which puts strains your kidneys and is likely to boost your blood pressure. Knowing this, you would be best advised to avoid salt as much as possible in the beginning of your quest for lower blood pressure.

Here are 10 foods to watch out for as you work on improving your blood pressure:

Salt is bad for your blood pressure

1 – Table salt

Obvious, but you definitely should avoid adding extra salt to your meals. If you find yourself needing the extra flavor, use a light dressing or even add lemon juice to your meal.

Canned soup can lead to higher blood pressure

2- Canned or Instant Soup

If you were brought up thinking chicken noodle soup was good for the body then this might sound a bit off, but these soups are so packed with sodium that you would do well to avoid them.

Sugar can be bad for your blood pressure

3 – Sugar

This might comes a surprise to some, but sugar is well known as a a prime culprit in weight gain, and places your body under stress as you pack on more weight from the extra calories, negatively impacting your blood pressure.

Fries have saturated fat and salt, and are thus bad for your blood pressure

4 – French fries

There isn’t a human in the world that doesn’t know how addictive a serving of fast food french fries can be. That urge to have “just one more” is fuelled by the extra sodium in the fries.

5 – Cut down on the alcohol

Booze can have a direct impact on your blood pressure that is unpredictable due to its ability to act as both a stimulant and an depressant.

Milk has saturated fat, which leads to weight gain

6 – Milk

Although part of the food pyramid, milk is not for everyone. The saturated fats present in all milk put it on the short list of foods to be avoided.

Lots and Lots of Sodium in deli meats

7 – Sandwich/Deli Meats

This one is a little more surprising. The preservatives required to properly package sandwich meats make them a dangerous addition to your otherwise healthy sandwich.

Preservatives in frozen foods

8 – Frozen Foods

Similar to sandwich meats, the preservatives required to make food taste good after being frozen for a while make frozen food a good idea to avoid.

Preservatives galore in canned tomatoes

9 – Canned Tomato Products

That acid reflux you get after eating a much-too-potent bowl of pasta is a sign from your body to limit your consumption of those products.


Hard to give up, but red meat is also not great for high blood pressure

10 – Red Meat

This is going to be the hardest one to avoid, but the good news is that you might not have to. Just limit your consumption and make it more of a treat for special occasions.
By coming up with a few simple rules, you will easily be able to bring your blood pressure down into a range that you and your doctor can be comfortable with.

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